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Fedor Voronov


Music Composer




Fedor Voronov has been doing music since age of 3, when he joined 

children choir. He graduated from music school in the specialisation

'Piano' in 2009. Ever since Fedor has been composing. His teen years

involvement in playing in rock-band has expanded his ability to compose

in different genres. He knows how to play electric guitar drums and bass,

which gave him an inside into this instrumentation. Fedor Voronov also

has passion for Jazz music, taking inspiration from Jazz pianists like Oscar

Petterson and Jazz guitarists like Joe Pass. Having an interest in folk music

Fedor Voronov spent his Graduation year at Birmingham Conservatoire

arranging Russian folk tunes (collected and harmonised by Miliy Balakirev)

to be played by an orchestra. Eversince his musical Journey started, it 

would never end.


Welcome to the WebPage of Fedor Voronov. I am available to be hired as a

music composer, orchestrator, or music arranger for your project, so do not 

hesitate and contact me!

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